Another Lymphomathon is in the books . . .

[Please visit our PHOTOS page to see images from this year's event]

November 9, 2013 was a remarkable day from start to finish.

Ninety of the most amazing people on the planet gave up their precious time on a beautiful Saturday morning to come to the Phoenix Zoo and walk with TEAM PETER. They joined more than 2,000 other committed walkers in making a very large and very loud statement that the battle against lymphoma will be won. That when good people come together for a good cause, the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Now, a bit of history:

In 2011, TEAM PETER raised $5060, and we had 43 team members walk with us.

In 2012, TEAM PETER raised $9574, and we had 78 team members walk with us.

This year, we decided to shoot for a fundraising total of $10,000 – a daunting goal, to be sure, but we truly believed it was possible. As the walk date drew closer and we were still a long way from our goal, the miracles started happening. One by one, the donations started rolling in – from close friends and complete strangers, from family members and Facebook friends, from co-workers and brand new acquaintances. From YOU.

As of today, TEAM PETER’s 2013 Lymphomathon total is $10,616¬†- not including the $317 from the CPK fundraiser or any of the day-of-walk registrations and donations. It’s quite simply overwhelming.

Here’s one more overwhelming number for you: since TEAM PETER was formed in October 2011, you have helped us raise an incredible¬†$25,250 (again, not including 2013 donations yet to be posted).

We are deeply grateful for every single dollar that was so generously donated to help us find a cure for lymphoma. As important as that is, it is a distant second to the gratitude we have for the incredible relationships with which we’ve been blessed.

We treasure every single one of you. You are our heroes.